Table 6.

Effects of Nodal overexpression on Lefty and Pitx2 laterality and organ situs and the degree of repair of incorrect laterality, calculated as the percentage of embryos with incorrect Nodal expression that have correct organ situs within the same clutches. R: right; Bi: bilateral; N: none. Positive degree of repair indicates that defects in early laterality markers are being corrected by the point of organ placement. Significance was calculated using the chi square test to evaluate the difference between laterality markers and organ situs outcomes.

incorrect Lefty expressionincorrect Pitx2 expressionreversed organsdegree of repairsignificance
(R: 27%, Bi: 32%, N: 2%)
n = 68
(R: 20%, Bi: 40%, N: 1%)
n = 69
n = 399
36%6.5 × 10−6