TableĀ 3.

Summary of impact hunter analyses. For each chimpanzee listed, there was a significant, positive association between their presence at a colobus encounter and the probability that a hunt occurred. Bold italics type indicates those that consistently had above average hunting rates for their age and were therefore classified as impact hunters.

communitychimp IDsexbirth yearstart yearend yeargroup hunt prob. when ID presentgroup hunt prob. when ID Absentodds ratioZp-valuehunt participation greater (1 s.e.) than mean for age?hunted first more than expected
KanyawaraAJM1974199620140.19 (157/830)0.02 (37/1594)2.433.70.0002YY
MSM1975199620100.19 (135/713)0.02 (26/1236)
KasekelaAOM1979199120130.70 (622/883)0.56 (379/679)1.342.10.04YbN
FGM1953197619820.75 (122/161)0.55 (62/113) not available
FRM1976198820130.69 (764/1108)0.56 (350/620)
PXM1977198920130.70 (763/1093)0.54 (309/567)1.392.30.03NN
SLM1983199520130.69 (481/695)0.54 (309/567)1.452.60.01NN
ZSM1993200520130.69 (220/319)0.49 (113/231)1.862.60.007NN
MitumbaEVAF1965200020100.62 (148/238)0.37 (88/235)1.722.00.04NN
  • aIn two of three age classes.

  • bIn later years.