Table 1.

Summary data from the three study communities. Data include all encounters with red colobus monkeys, regardless of chimpanzee party composition. For Kasekela and Mitumba, the numbers of red colobus encounters in parentheses represent those for which there was enough information to determine whether or not a hunt occurred (see text for further explanation). Hunting rates were calculated using these values.

adult males
populationcommunitymonths of studymeanrangeIDsred colobus encountersencounters per 100 hrhunt attempts (%)successful hunts (%)total prey (mean per succ. hunt)
KibaleKanyawara22411.49–142224613.73194 (7.9)119 (61.3)152 (1.28)
GombeKasekela45110.46–14352690 (2316)2.341498 (64.7)934 (62.3)1778 (1.90)
Mitumba1632.92–57613 (548)2.31263 (48.0)140 (53.2)182 (1.30)