Table 3.

Results of qPCR assays indicating number of independently positive extractions per sample. ? , inconclusive; nt, not tested. *Independent replication: separate positive extraction repeated by different personnel, or confirmed by enrichment for MTBC DNA [40]. Samples not listed were negative for all assays (electronic supplementary material, tables S2–S5).

archaeological site nameindividuallaboratory sample nameno. loci positiverpoB1rpoB2IS6110IS1081is inhibited?
samples positive for multiple loci
 Arikara, Mobridge (39WW1)382 961AD15*4/4++++no
 Chiribaya Alta, Cemetery 12069AD54*4/4++++
 El Algodonol (AL)386–1AD58*4/4++++no
 Las DeliciasLD-90-1X-11AD2813/4+++
 Moquegua, M6: Estuquina4165AD82*4/4++++yes
 Rochester, Highland Park141aAD1284/4+?++
 Yaral-2 (Cemetery 2)10 291AD643/3+nt++
samples positive for one MTBC-specific locus
 Rochester, Highland Park138aAD1272/4++
 Norris Farms228AD1601/4+
samples positive only for rpoB1
 Punta Arenas, Sitio Myren-7TDF 30477AD2161/4+?yes
 Okinawa Island, JapanAD2241/4+
 Arikara, Cheyenne River382 713AD11*1/4+
 Arikara, Cheyenne River382 669AD6*1/4+
 Arikara, Leavenworth325 341AD1*1/4+
 Arikara, Sully School Village388 120AD19*1/3+ntyes
 Misión SalesianaD-E 14AD2561/4+
 Misión SalesianaE 15-16 (1)AD2571/4+maybe
 Misión SalesianaC 15-16AD2631/4+
 Misión SalesianaD 14AD2641/4+
 Misión SalesianaC 15AD2651/3+nt
 Moquegua, M6: Estuquina2279bAD76*1/4+
 Moquegua, M6: Estuquina3215AD791/3+nt
 Moquegua, M6: Estuquina5859AD871/3+nt
 Moquegua, M6: Estuquina99407aAD891/4+
 Norris Farms21AD1451/4+
 Lambayeque, PeruILL-22AD2271/4+
 Rochester, Highland Park225aAD1341/4+
 Rochester, Highland Park16aAD1141/4+