Table 3.

Cross-continental comparisons of forest structure from networks of intact old-growth closed-canopy tropical forest for the largest biogeographic regions from Africa, Asia and the Americas.

parameterCentral AfricaBorneo, Asiacentral/east Amazonia
above-ground biomass, Mg dry mass ha−1429a445b341c
basal area, m2 ha−131.5a37.1b29.0c
wood mass density, g cm−30.65a0.60b0.66c
stem density, ≥100 mm diameter, ha−1425a602b597d
mean tree size, m20.0740.0620.049
mean tree height, stem 100 mm diameter, m13.3e11.9e10.6e
mean tree height, stem 400 mm diameter, m30.8e30.3e26.1e
mean tree height, stem 1000 mm diameter, m43.5e46.0e39.0e
  • aThis study.

  • bFrom [4].

  • cFrom [22].

  • dFrom [38].

  • eFrom [7].