TableĀ 3.

Geo-positioned occurrence data archived by the HealthMap and BioCaster online disease outbreak reporting systems. HealthMap uses automated text processing to classify and position alerts that are then confirmed by a human analyst [25]. BioCaster has automated text processing to classify and position alerts processed through a multilingual ontology [26]. The totals were assembled using data provided for HealthMap on 23 November 2011 and BioCaster on 24 February 2012.

start year20062006
approximate posts per day300 [24]100 [29]
number of languages10 (J. S. Brownstein 2012, personal communication)11 [102]
number of diseases tagged245 (J. S. Brownstein 2011, personal communication)230 (N. Collier 2012, personal communication)
number of clinically relevant diseases for which data are available84 of 24599 of 230 (N. Collier 2012, personal communication)
total occurrence points337 105 (J. S. Brownstein 2011, personal communication)189 361 (N. Collier 2012, personal communication)
occurrence point sources for mapping66 284 (J. S. Brownstein 2011, personal communication)140 038 (N. Collier 2012, personal communication)