Table 2.

Historical passerine mortality incidents for which the post-mortem examination results fitted our definition of ‘finch trichomonosis’ or of ‘suspected finch trichomonosis’ (see text).

datelocationspecies affected, no. found dead (no. seen sick)number examined post-mortemsummary of findings (no. birds in which these were detected)
February 1993Oxfordshiregreenfinch, multiple (0)3crop lesions (3)
collared dove, 0 (multiple)flagellated protozoa observed on wet preparation (1)
December 1995Suffolkgreenfinch, 4 (multiple)1diffuse crop wall thickening, predator injuries
January 1996Suffolkgreenfinch, 2 (unknown)2diffuse crop wall thickening (2)
June 1996Lincolnshiregreenfinch, 20 (unknown) chaffinch, 1 (unknown)3pale cream-coloured coalescing foci widespread in crop mucosa(1)
crop wall thickening (2)
May 2000Gloucestershiregreenfinch, 1 (unknown)1multiple firm caseous lesions (1–3 mm diameter) in crop and pharyngeal mucosa
September 2002Wiltshiregreenfinch, 1 (unknown)chaffinch, 1 (unknown)2crop wall thickened with longitudinal dull yellow-coloured lesions (1)
large firm caseous white/cream-coloured lesion obstructing crop (1)