TableĀ 1.

Comparison of data from highly polygynous, less polygynous and comparable monogamous countries. In highly polygynous country, more than 10% married men have more than two wives. Adapted from Tertilt [63].

variableshighly polygynous countriesless polygynous African countriescomparative monogamous countriesNorth America/Western Europe
no. of countries28205824
female age at first marriage19.922.7***25.0***29.6***
age gap (first wife only)6.43.9***2.8***2.4***
total fertility6.785.97**4.62***1.84***
child mortality rate, 1980 (%)19.418.311.6**1.4***
infant mortality rate, 1980 (%)**1.2***
GDP per capita, 1985 (US$)9751574*2798***11 950***
  • *p < 0.05 (indicates comparison with highly polygynous countries).

  • **p < 0.01.

  • ***p < 0.001.