Table 4.

Analyses of hominin microwear texture data (variance). Microwear data transformed for Levene's test (X ′ = |X—mean (X)|) following Plavcan & Cope (2001). *p < 0.05 for Fisher's LSD test, **p < 0.05 for both Tukey's HSD and Fisher's LSD tests (shown in italic).

multivariate test results
Wilks's λ0.1275.62720 1300.000
Pillai trace1.2543.83720 1680.000
Hotelling–Lawley trace4.1747.82720 1500.000
ANOVA test resultsAsfcepLsarSmcHAsfc9HAsfc81
paired comparisonsAsfcepLsarSmcHAsfc9HAsfc81
Au. afarensis × Au. africanus−0.1400.000−2.087**−0.118−0.157
Au. afarensis × Au. anamensis−0.0090.001*0.181−0.0100.048
Au. afarensis × Par. boisei−0.0350.0000.090−0.023−0.072
Au. afarensis × Par. robustus−1.078**0.001**0.282−0.305**−0.68**
Au. africanus × Au. anamensis0.1310.0012.268*0.1070.205
Au. africanus × Par. bosei0.1050.0002.177*0.0950.084
Au. africanus × Par. robustus−0.938**0.001*2.368**−0.187*−0.523**
Au. anamensis × Par. boisei−0.026−0.001*−0.091−0.012−0.120
Au. anamensis × Par. robustus−1.069**0.0000.101−0.294*−0.728**
Par. boisei × Par. robustus−1.043**0.001**0.191−0.282**−0.608**