Table 5.

Scenario descriptions of studies using IMAGE derivations.

scenario abbreviation as used in figuresdescription
 A1high economic growth and rate of innovations, environmental issues get addressed
 A2self-reliance and preservation of local identities
 B1assumes continuing globalization and economic growth, and a focus on the environmental and social—immaterial—aspects of life
 B2local solutions to economic, social and environmental sustainability
MA (Millennium Assessment)
 GO (Global Orchestration)globalized with emphasis on economic growth
 OS (Order from Strength)regionalized with emphasis on security
 TG (Technogarden)globalized with emphasis on green technology
 AM (Adapting Mosaic)regionalized with emphasis on local adaptation and flexible governance
 MF (Markets First)focus on markets, not only to deliver economic advances but also social and environmental improvements
 SecF (Security First)focus on security issues, in a strongly regionalized world
 SusF (Sustainability First)focus on sustainability issues, integrating environmental and social concerns at the heart of development decisions at every level of scale
 PF (Policy First)focus on global, coordinated corrections to the ‘Market First’ scenario without changing the underlying paradigm emphasizing economic growth
 baselineno new policies
 450 ppmstabilization of greenhouse gas to 450 ppm by 2100
 baselineslowly declining rates of growth in agricultural research
 high AKSThigher crop yield and livestock number growth
 referencereference meat diet
Stehfest et al. (2009)
 healthy diet‘healthy eating’ recommendations implemented globally (reducing meat consumption and increasing consumption of vegetables)