Table 5.

Palate dimensions in fossil hominins. Palate depth is the midline height of the palatine process of the maxilla above the inner alveolar margin at M2. Palate breadth is the width across the internal alveolar crests at mid-M2. Palate length is the direct distance between orale and staphylion (reconstructed in some specimens). Relative palatal breadth (Palatal Index) is calculated as palate breadth/palate length * 100.

taxon/specimenpalate depthpalate breadthpalate lengthpalatal index
Australopithecus afarensis
 A.L. 58-2227.0
 A.L. 199-
 A.L. 200-1a8.533.565.051.5
 A.L. 417-1d14.028.558.049.1
 A.L. 427-111.032.0
 A.L. 442-125.0
 A.L. 444-
 A.L. 486-111.233.0
 A.L. 822-
Australopithecus africanus
 Sts. 518.035.765.354.7
 Sts. 5332.054.059.3
 Stw. 7314.530.058.051.7
Australopithecus robustus
 SK 1212.832.0
 SK 4612.235.0
 SK 4815.5
 SK 7913.5
 SKW 1115.034.660.057.7
Australopithecus boisei
 KNM-ER 40522.
 KNM-ER 40620.037.470.053.4
 OH 521.
 KNM-CH 140.872.056.7