Table 2.

Head lateral RMS angular velocity predicted using a mixed effects random intercept model grouped by dyad. (AIC = 9818.5, BIC = 9884.2, groups = 27, random effects intercept s.d. = 103.20.)

actor is male−60.919.636780−6.321<0.0001
partner is male−31.869.674780−3.2930.0010
actor is confederate−21.026.732780−3.1220.0019
attenuated head pitch and turn14.196.7497802.1020.0358
attenuated expression8.216.7607801.2150.2249
attenuated inflection4.406.7497800.6520.5147
partner A–P RMS velocity−0.300.034780−8.781<0.0001
confederate × partner is male−49.6518.979780−2.6160.0091
confederate × attenuated head pitch and turn−4.8113.467780−0.3570.7213
confederate × attenuated expression6.3013.5047800.4670.6408
confederate × attenuated inflection10.8913.4887800.8070.4197