Table 2.

Occurrence of plastic pellets in five prion species collected from New Zealand beaches, between 1958 and 1977 (from Harper & Fowler 1987; p. 66).

age class
number with plastic pellets
% total pellets
speciesImmadultgizzards examinedImmadultImmadultspecies status
broad-billed prion Pachyptila vittata170140310183310.623.6NZ resident
Salvin’s prion Pachyptila salvani65112663133020.40Indian Ocean migrant
Antarctic prion Pachyptila desolata296354113.816.7NZ sub-Antarctic migrant
thin-billed prion Pachyptila belcheri14751521006.80Indian Ocean migrant
fairy prion Pachyptila tutur714105819881312.42.4NZ resident
  • Imm, immature, birds of the year; adults, all others. Age determined by bone ossification, gonad condition, bill and feet shrinkage, measurements, plumage.