type of systemizingclassic autismAsperger's syndrome
sensory systemizingtapping surfaces or letting sand run through one's fingersinsisting on the same foods each day
motoric systemizingspinning round and round, or rocking back and forthlearning knitting patterns or a tennis technique
collectible systemizingcollecting leaves or football stickersmaking lists and catalogues
numerical systemizingobsessions with calendars or train timetablessolving maths problems
motion systemizingwatching washing machines spin round and roundanalysing exactly when a specific event occurs in a repeating cycle
spatial systemizingobsessions with routesdeveloping drawing techniques
environmental systemizinginsisting on toy bricks being lined up in an invariant orderinsisting that nothing is moved from its usual position in the room
social systemizingsaying the first half of a phrase or sentence and waiting for the other person to complete itinsisting on playing the same game whenever a child comes to play
natural systemizingasking over and over again what the weather will be todaylearning the Latin names of every plant and their optimal growing conditions
mechanical systemizinglearning to operate the VCRfixing bicycles or taking apart gadgets and reassembling them
vocal/auditory/verbal systemizingechoing soundscollecting words and word meanings
systemizing action sequenceswatching the same video over and over againanalysing dance techniques