Table 1

GLMs of arcsine transformed overall mean proportion missed (survivorship) per human subject for each moth species with three main effects (absolute moth orientation, tree rotation and tree) and all pairwise interactions. Test statistics for the GLM are represnted: FS (d.f.) significance (***=p<0.001, **=p<0.005, *=p<0.05, p>0.05=n.s.). All factors in the GLM are fixed, except for tree which is a random factor.

GLM factors and interactionsC. cerogamaE. intermediata
absolute moth orientation1.95 (7,56) n.s.1.17 (7,56) n.s.
tree rotation11.66 (1,8)*5.64 (1,8)*
tree26.26 (8,2.69)*30.51 (8,6.99)***
absolute moth orientation×tree rotation4.50 (7,56)***3.47 (7,56)**
absolute moth orientation×tree0.70 (56,56) n.s.0.66 (56,56) n.s.
tree×tree rotation0.87 (8,56) n.s.5.4.3 (8,56)***