Table 3

Unsupervised mixture model matrices (Embedded Image, best correlation value of amino acid frequencies between given matrix and supervised matrices from EX2 (first line, small letters) and EHO (second line, capital letters). For example, with M2, ‘0.969 b 0.842 E’ means that amino acid frequencies of M2 have correlations of 0.969 and 0.842 with those of buried sites and extended sites, respectively; moreover, correlations with other site categories are lower than these values. Embedded Image, same as Embedded Image but using the log values of exchangeabilities. See note to table 1 for other symbols.)


Embedded Image0.5270.6770.5450.4540.688
Embedded Image0.8240.8910.7880.8270.836
Embedded Image0.984 e0.969 b0.935 e0.273 e0.926 b
0.854 O0.842 E0.886 H0.709 O0.873 E
Embedded Image0.955 e0.932 b0.897 e0.809 e0.852 b
0.919 O0.915 E0.854 O0.837 O0.845 E