Achieving food and environmental security: new approaches to close the gap

Issue compiled and edited by Guy Poppy, Paul Jepson, John Pickett and Michael Birkett

Sustainable intensification (SI) of crop production is required to meet increasing demand for food while sustaining planetary resources and the ecosystem services upon which agriculture depends. This issue of Philosophical Transactions B provides a timely reminder about the role that science must play in achieving SI. It reports the capacity for significant advances in the plant sciences that are already supporting advances in crop production internationally. It also however reports analyses of the current status of human, ecological and environmental health in sub-Saharan Africa and reveals that we have a long way to go before SI can be fully realized.

The issue also includes the ‘Kavli Declaration’, calling for a transformation in agricultural systems that focuses upon efficient resource use and the restoration and conservation of degraded lands to meet both our food production and environmental goals.

This issue is based on a Discussion Meeting held at The Royal Society 03-04 December 2012. More information and the speaker list can be found here.



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