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Isolation and Characterization of SRF Accessory Proteins

S. Dalton , R. Marais , J. Wynne , R. Treisman


Many genes which are regulated by growth factors contain a common regulatory element, the serum response element (SRE). Activation of transcription by the SRE involves a ternary complex formed between a ubiquitous factor, serum response factor (SRF), and a second protein, p62/TCF. We used a yeast genetic screen to isolate cDNAs encoding a protein, SAP-1, with the DNA binding properties of p62/TCF. The SAP-1 sequence contains three regions of homology to the previously uncharacterized Elk-1 protein, which also acts as an SRF accessory protein. Only two of these regions are required for cooperative interactions with SRF in the ternary complex. The third contains several conserved sites for the MAP kinases, whose activity is regulated in response to growth factor stimulation. We discuss the potential role of these proteins in regulation of the c-fos SRE.

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