Studies of the Post-Glacial History of British Vegetation. XIII. The Meare Pool Region of the Somerset Levels

H. Godwin, W. A. Macfadyen


In continuation of researches into the physiographic and vegetational history of the Somerset Levels, investigations have been made of the Meare Pool region using methods of field-stratigraphy, palynology and foraminiferal analysis. The historic Meare Pool is shown to have originated by encroachment of the growth of raised bogs round it, especially in the Sub-atlantic period. A marine transgression in late Roman time filled the Axe valley with clay which reached the landward side of the lake but cannot have been concerned with its origin. The vegetational history of the region is outlined and related to the occupancy of the Glastonbury and Meare Lake Villages and to the agricultural activity within the area from the Neolithic period to late Roman time.

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